Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Effective Social Promotion Is the Key to Success

“The higher the traffic on your website, the better your chances of making profits”

You came up with an idea to own a website to promote your business online, hired the best designers to build a rich, professional looking website for you – everything sounds great so far but if your site fails to attract enough traffic, it’s all futile. Without sufficient visitors drawn to your site to try out your products & services, it’s a total waste of everything - your ideas, your efforts, your creativity and the capital you invest. That means, apart from the design & content of the website, healthy Guaranteed Website Traffic techniques are a must; this will help you gain more opportunities to build your sales.

Content alone can no longer guarantee more visitors to your site.

Most people around the world think that if you write great content, people will surely find you online. While it certainly would be nice if marketers could just focus on creating rich, outstanding content, it just doesn’t work that way. Call it an age of abundance, information overload or the arms race of developing content. The fact is each day over 2 million blog posts hit the web – which means building an audience is much harder than it used to be. Today, effective content creation is only half the battle, Winning the other half takes having great content and getting noticed. By building strong social signals in SEO rankings, social promotion has turned to be a beneficial way to gain the search rankings you need to bring in more traffic, more opportunities, more sales and hence more profits.

Techniques that can help your online business to bridge the gap between failure and success.

Given below are some of the guaranteed website traffic generation strategies that make use of social promotion to bring the results you desire.

  • 1. Make use of your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc to promote your website. Don’t just create an account and forget it, rather frequently update it.
  • 2. Organizing contests and giving away vouchers, financial and non-financial gifts are some of the methods that almost never fail to bring in traffic. Understanding the needs & interests of your target audience is key in this regard.
  • 3. Make use of email-marketing, frequently send out digital newsletters to your customers, the existing one and those who might have visited your site and have left their email address there. Initiate and participate in discussions and forums, often comment on others’ discussions and post your website’s URL as well.
  • 4. Developing & promoting a self created video, interviewing experts, making your website easily accessible on mobile and taking into account the mobile market, are some other helpful approaches for generating guaranteed website traffic.


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