Thursday, March 13, 2014

Employee Referral Program – A New Road to Success

Organizations are constantly looking for new and qualified people to take their business to greater heights. Many times it is difficult to find skilled workers.  Smart businesses enlist the  help of their existing employees to find people who can do the job. Whilst traditional methods of recruitment such are advertisements, job portals and recruitment agencies are important, many companies find it beneficial to create well defined Employee Referral Programs to find new talent.

The advantage of these programs are many.  From reducing recruitment costs, to finding people faster, and creating a supportive environment. However there are a few things one needs to consider when planning any such program.

Promotion and communication are two important keys to the success of any program and so you need to make sure that all existing employees are aware about of this program.  Use emails and posters and group meetings to get the word out. Once the employees are aware of the program you must communicate the rules of the program and update them on any changes to the program.

Like any other promotion, brand your program with a logo or a tagline. This will make it different from other internal programs you may be implementing.

Referral programs should reward your employees for their efforts. Let them know the procedures to follow to recruit new candidates, and what is in it for them…offer meaningful incentives.
  • Recognize successful employee’s efforts by rewarding them with gift cards or gift baskets, extra vacation days or other gestures they will appreciate.
  • Encourage employees to use social media to advertise the program within their circle as well.
  • Lastly, include everyone in the program…you never know who someone might know…whether it is for an executive position or an hourly employee, every employee referral can  valuable.

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