Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tips for Creating Your Own Loyalty Programs

Customers are the end users of any product and to stay ahead in the market, companies need to find ways in which they can keep their customers. Loyalty Marketing Programs are very successful in this matter.
Listed below are tips for planning a successful loyalty program for your customers.

>> Stickers or Punch Cards: Specially designed for malls, this program is a low-tech option and very simple for first time users. Print cards and stickers and distribute them to your store(s) managers. Decide on a sum let’s say $10. Now for every $10 spent by a customer in any shop they will get 1 sticker. They have to collect 12 such stickers and stick them on the card to get a gift and a chance to enter a drawing to win a grand prize. So the more they shop the more their chances of winning. Such low-tech programs are ideal for the holiday season.

>> Selective Programs: many businesses will offer loyalty programs only to customers who shop the most frequently at their store. Points programs can work for all of your customers…even if they shop less often. They can accumulate points and  redeem them later on.

>> Swipe Cards: many supermarkets use such programs where the customer gets a card and they swipe it every time they buy from the store. Once they accumulate a certain amount of points they get to choose from a variety of gifts.  Deduct the points once the gift is given and begin the process again.
Remember however that you need to constantly keep in touch with your customers through emails and other means to keep them updated on news and events.

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