Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Employee Retention Programs Affect Employee Performance

Various incentive programs employees are very important to motivate and to give them recognition in the company. If you want to motivate a sales team and needs them to perform better, such type of programs has to be there in a company. Incentive programs employees will create performance improvement. Apart of these, it will encourage employees to work hard so that they get qualified for the incentives. Certain things have to be considered while developing incentive programs for employees.

1. Create a Clear Set of Goals – it is very important, you must create a concrete set of goals which are possible for the company to achieve in the year end. Have a meeting with managers and identify the goals and the management should also refer to the company business plan.

2. Take a Survey Among Employees – meet with the employees and ask them which incentives are most motivating. You can make a list of several incentives department wise and ask employees to rank incentives.

3. Plan Their Career Within the Organization - Employee Retention Programs must be developed by focusing on their career. It will succeed in the role for which you have hired them. It will make them stay in the role forever. Plan their career within the organization and this will help the employee to do planning about how to achieve their goals in an organization.

4. Choose Retention Strategies Personal – each employee is motivated by different things. So you must choose Employee Retention Programs in a personal way. Different retention strategies won’t fit for all people. You can simply ask employees what all things motivate them. You will be surprised to hear that people are less motivated by monetary incentives. People are looking for professional growth opportunities. They also look fro flexible working environment with more challenging work.

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